Permanent self-motivation

I have learned something from my country’s national football team about the difference between being motivated and not being motivated. When you are motivated you can do marvels.

There are two main sources of motivation – internal and external. Someone or something can motivate you. You can also motivate yourself. Inspiring words can motivate you. A challenge can motivate you. However, they will only motivate you if you allow yourself to be motivated. Motivation from external sources will only pass through you and impact you on your consent.

Many times, I have seen that when my country’s national team plays a match in an important competition and wins, they will lose the next match. When this happens, they will fight fiercely and win the next match, especially if their chances to go forward in the competition are in jeopardy. They will fight like lions; and often they will be rewarded for this.

The challenge or fear of losing motivates them to fight harder. When there is a serious challenge, people usually put in more energy and the result will be victory. When there is nothing at stake, they tend to relax and the result will be poor or less-than-expected performance.

A challenge can, thus, serve as a great motivator. In this light, challenges should be welcomed. You have, buried in you, enormous resources to do marvels. When you face a challenge and transform it into a source of inspiration or motivation to bring out the buried resources in you, you can do the marvels.

But should you wait for a challenge to motivate you? Not at all. In fact, a challenge can also stop you, or discourage you, instead of motivating you. You must not wait for a challenge to motivate you. Imagine that instead of waiting for a challenge to motivate you, you motivated yourself! You will bring out the deeply buried resources in you and do marvels.

You have to look for a way to motivate yourself everyday to handle the tasks of the day.The best motivation is self motivation. If you are waiting for external motivation, it might be hard to come; and of course, you have to give it room in your heart before it can have a positive impact on you. But you can motivate yourself at any time.

Easy ways to motivate yourself are to read, listen to or repeat to yourself motivating speeches, programs, words, quotes and passages.

The best time to do this is in freshness of the morning when you get out of bed or before you leave for work. It could be reading a good motivational book, reading a good motivational blog post, listening to a motivational radio program or audio-tape, watching a motivational television or video program etc.

Of course, doing it only in the morning will not be enough. You should be ready to perk yourself up many times during the day. Everyday comes with its challenges which may weigh down on you and dampen your spirits. Hence, scout for ways to renew your spirits regularly and always be in high gear.

Self-motivation should be a permanent part of your daily life. This is how you can get skyrocketed to peak performance in whatever you do.

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  1. Yes motivating ourselves daily – by starting in the morning is a great piece of advice. I usually check in mid-day for a boost of motivation, especially after getting distracted with so much going on.

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