Give the youth their chance

Amazing are the young people
Of today;
Never have the young
Been so talented;
Wizards on the computer;
Swimmers on the net like sailfish;
They learn new languages
As birds learn to sing
With amazing speed;
Who says these parents of tomorrow
Are not amazing?
The world’s future leaders,
Are poised to create a new world.
Parents, give these digital natives
Their chance;
Leaders of today,
Let’s give them the opportunity,
To prove their worth;
To bring out the best in them,
To make their world
The excellent place.

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7 thoughts on “Give the youth their chance

  1. when you used the word “language” I thought of programming languages such as python, HTML, java script, C++, C+ and much more besides. I think that’s the connotative meaning of the word.

    Even better still is how if someone chooses to interpret language not as a programming language but as a nation’s tongue, it still holds true seeing as that due to globalization people all over the world are learning more than one language. We have apps like Duolingo helping us on that regard.

    Well written.

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