You really disappoint me

When I see the things you do;
I am so disappointed;
And feel I should condemn you,
But I ask myself
If I really should;
We live in a country
That’s just so corrupt;
Everyone is unscrupulous;
Everyone blooms on lies;
Everyone steals;
How then would you
Have been different?
Yet, it’s hard to believe
You are as corrupt as
I find you;
I took you for the hope
Of our country.
You really disappoint me.


5 thoughts on “You really disappoint me

  1. How true and the phenomenon is universal not confined to one country. People have no choice. They have to choose as they dont have other option. We the right thinking class of the society either dont participate or our votes dont matter for the rulers. They need poor/illiterate/destitutes and other such people who have numbers but cant question the designs of these corrupt rulers everywhere across the globe

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