What a grip you have on me!
My destiny you determine;
My joys of success come from you;
So too my bruises of failure;
Indeed, you are,
But I’ll make you work for me;
I’ll make you give me what I like;
I will make friends with the best of you;
The best habits.


7 thoughts on “Habit

  1. Habit ,

    you make me feel positive
    for you block all negative

    its you that i am not daunted
    nor i am vaunted

    you make me feel happy
    thanks to lord , i am not snappy

    You made me little mischievous
    thanks to u , i am not vicious

    thanks habit thanks
    it said really frank…

  2. Habit,
    You come from where
    Why you are with me here
    Why can’t I repulse you
    Or either change you
    Or either get your favor
    How can I live without you fair
    Why I indulge to you
    Why are attractive you
    But dangerous
    Also unforgettable

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