Thanks for photos and drawing

photo courtesy Sharmishtha Basu

photo courtesy Sharmishtha Basu

Dear friends,

I write to thank my friends around the world for sending me lovely photos and drawings for my site. What would I be without our lovely friends. I very much appreciate this wonderful sign of love and support.

I continue to count on you and other friends. You know what my site is all about. I believe in working together. If there is any picture, drawing, video you think can be enjoyed by the lovely visitors to this site, please, do not hesitate to send them to my email:

I give credit for all that is received and published.
Many blessings,
With love,

2 thoughts on “Thanks for photos and drawing

  1. Hmm.. my vita takes great pix so I might look in my picture folder and see if I can’t find any pix of my hometown and my daily dos. My favorite subject is my sister <3

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