U.S Presidential election: who is the strongest candidate?

The race for the White House in the world’s leading democracy is on. Can you answer any of our questions ? See how many you can answer.
1. Who is interested?

2. Who has seen the writing on the wall?

3. What does the writing on the wall say?

4. Will it be a Democrat or a Republican?

5.  Will it be a woman this time around or still a man?

6.  Did Hillary Clinton come out stronger or weaker from the Benghazi House Committee questioning?

7. If the election were to take place today, who would win?

Please, if you are informed, kindly enlighten those who are not.


15 thoughts on “U.S Presidential election: who is the strongest candidate?

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  2. Interesting text Romanus. I will answer but one of which I am sure, Hilary Clinton excelled at the Benghazi hearings, demonstrating tenacity, intelligence, knowledge, empathy. The partisan attack was seen for what it is and unfortunately the congressmen and women representing the Republican party once again behaved like rabid dogs. It is sad to see this politcal party once held in high esteem reduced to chaos and back biting.

  3. I could guess on all the questions. I could say what I want to happen, I could say what I expect to happen.
    When I first began my blog in 2012, I posted ‘What In The World Are We Doing? ‘ It was right after the last election and it sums up my thoughts.
    Sadly I think the bad is over taking good (more of it anyway), and I think so many vote only to vote and vote on feelings of “I want to be part of the vote for first black man or for the first woman “. Really? So many have no clue on what the issues are and how the person they are voting for feels and thinks and believes about the things that are important to you. Not all Republicans are good or bad and not all Democrats are evil or good. Listen and watch. What do they say and then what do they do? I am trying not to be overcome with stress and fear, fear of what of we get someone who continues this same road and dare I say maybe worse if that is possible.
    I know one thing and that is God is aware and is in control. Daniel 2:21 He changes the times and the seasons; He deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.
    THAT IS WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE. God bless you and may God have mercy on us.

      • I personally think Ben Carson is the honest, intelligent and a person who would stick to the Constitution and do what is best for America. Trump has attitude and he has drawn the attention of many. He has been able to get away with speaking truth even when it does not sound pretty. I am sick of politically correct! I like that trump has his money and isn’t counting on having to please the many others who may try to call the shots.
        So, here is my human thoughts. I first want to go with Trump because of the reasons above but also because I feel he could go up against Hillary and win. BUT… I really in my gut don’t know that we could trust him. He talks a good enough talk but is his temper to much? My husband says that Ben Carson is too soft spoken. I think had it not been for Trump and his attention that Carson might not be doing as well as he has. Those two aside I do like Cruz! He fought for the people even when no one else would. He and was it Mike Lee that stood with him? Trying to stand against Obama care. Cruz has a quite impressive background too. It is a shame he is so low in the polls.

        Those are my thoughts.

        • Thank you for your thoughts. I am more enlightened now. It must be very exciting out there with this election. I am amazed by the progress Ben Carson has made in the pools. This man seems to be a real winner. I have read his books and it would have been discouraging if he did not shoot up as he seems to be doing. You Made good analysis of the Republican side. If have something to say about the Democratic side I would love to hear. I have the impression that the democrats have a powerful winning strategy that the Republicans don’t have.

          • When I was younger it seemed I leaned more democratic but as I am older I disagree with their values. I certainly don’t think a Republican will have values or that they will definitely align with mine.

            Now, when Bill Clinton was president I was younger and from Arkansas and thought it was cool. (I get where our youth are coming from), now I paid little attention to what was going on and his Monica thing and lies…well, I honestly thought “does it matter? That is his personal life and if he is a good president then get over it.”
            How sad is that? I was a fan of Hillary for a long time but after Benghazi and the lies around that I don’t trust her. Since that time there have been many things I have not liked. One speech she made was about how Christians need to change how they think. (Paraphrased). I am not going to change my faith for others. I can be tolerant and think we all must be but we shouldn’t hurt others because of what we believe. Selling of aborted baby parts. They push God out of America to the point that there is no turning back. I am sad. I believe if that woman became president we will fall completely.
            Carson IS a wonderful inspiration and God is using him in amazing ways!

            • Thank you for your views. I have read some of Ben Carson’s books and think him an amazing man. Imagine where he is coming from. It will be great history for sruch a person to become President; and inspiring too for many. He was such a successful neurosurgeon. What is happening now with the campaign in the Republican party with him getting close to being the front-runner makes me believe the teachings in his books. I think it would be great if he became President . Somebody tells me he is too soft spoken and I fear the modern world might swallow him. Jimmy Carter’s problem as President, to me, was he was too good and expected others to be like him; and we live in a world where the moment people see you are soft and gentle, they want to take advantage and advance their own cause. I speak as an independent observer. Being a good man may not make you a good President. But if I were american and voting, I would look closely at Ben Carson and Hillary Clinton and make my choice between them. Yes, Bill and Monica; Hillary and Benghazi. I recall the bible story in which Jesus asked if there was anybody who had never sinned to throw the first stone at the adulterous woman. Christ came because we are sinners. What I see with American politics is you win because to are smart not because you are right. It’s really more complicated than those who are not full time actors in it realize. I talked of Dems being smarter than GOP because in the last election when everybody was waiting for time to bring out Obama to concede defeat, it was instead Roomny who had to come out to concede. It was all because the Obama campaign mastered the politics of the changed times – digital age, demography, etc, and you see He and the Clintons are working together. (Don’t mind the noise that was made about VP Biden considering running. It’s all part of the game).These are the views of a far-away African which mean no offence to anybody, please. I know political issues are very sensitive. Let’s smile! Thanks for taking time to read.

              • LOL…you are right, I am smiling.
                It is mostly a big game. I said the Bill and the fling didn’t bother me then and it didn’t, but it does now. I think if you aren’t honest with your spouse then why would the strangers in the world expect honesty? Yes, we all make mistakes but we should choose wisely. It wasn’t just one fling but many. I get suckered easily. I really liked John Edwards when he was running and was shocked to find out what came out. Saddened me. I thought he was a super guy.

                Now, I saw Ben Carson speak at a Chic-fil-a event several years ago. I hadn’t heard of him before. The event is a yearly inspirational event with several speakers. He inspired me greatly. Had it not been for that I wouldn’t have known much about him. They made a movie of his story years ago. Gifted hands. Good movie if you haven’t seen it. I do believe he is the real deal.

                • Thank you lovely friend. I do honestly enjoy our chat. Thanks for being so nice. I read “Gifted Hands”. My copy is right by me. That man is a man. We pray for him.Actually I pray for two people in this race. Ben Carson and Hillary Clinton. If God should grant my prayer for any of them, I’ll be fine, although I have a softer spot for Hillary.It’s just being emotional. I love to see women given more opportunities to bring their talent to the table also. We never can know what God has for the world through women until they have the opportunity. To me, it’s not about parties. I want to see talent and ability given a chance to excel. Please let’s keep the conversation going. It’s edifying isn’t it? I am getting to know more about what is going on. I really wish more people could join this conversation so that we talk freely and of course grow. It’s great to tolerate other people’s views when they do not fit with ours. This may look minute but it is the spirit the world needs to be what we all want it to be; and chats like this one get us close to that. My loving friend do enjoy the day and be blessed!

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