Who have you chosen?

Who controls your life?
I know you’ll say it’s God;
And you may be right;
You may be wrong;
You have a free-will
To choose,
Between God
And his enemy;
Who have you chosen?

2 thoughts on “Who have you chosen?

  1. I have recently realized that I say I have let go of this world and the things in it but realized that I MUST still be clinging to my job to a point that is not healthy. The stress that recently overtook my whole being was proof. I thought hmm mm maybe the Lord is showing me I really haven’t let go of everything and am not trusting Him to take care of me regardless if I keep my job of 22 years or not. If not then I have to believe He has something else for me. HE is in control no matter how hard I struggle to be.

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