Helping others succeed

What have you done for another today? Have you done good or evil? What do you intend to do for another today? Shall you do good or evil?

As you go about your work or life today, it is important to bear in mind that no one succeeds alone. You need others to succeed. Where would you be today without others in your life?

Others have contributed to make you what you are today. You need others to become what God wants you to be. In other words, you need others to succeed. And as you need others to succeed, others need you to succeed. As you help others succeed, others will help you succeed.

If you help nobody succeed, it should not surprise you if nobody helps you succeed.

The more people you help succeed, the more people who will help you succeed. Therefore, try to help as many people as you can succeed. They or others will help you succeed.The importance of helping others succeed can never be over emphasized.

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