77 things to thank God for

Who said they didn’t have enough reasons to thank God? Hear what others are saying: THANKFUL FOR WHAT?

When a friend of mine challenged me to write fifty things on this blog I am thankful for, I told him I would do that with my blogging friends and we might even produce double that number.

I came up with the first five.
Ngobesing Romanus:
I am thankful for:
1. My life.
2. My family.
3. My friends.
4. My home.
5. The food I ate today.

Others added:

Rellick says:
I would like to add :
6. Peace in my heart
7. Joy from others
8. True friends
9. My daughter
10. Giving hearts
11. The air I breathe

12. The past
13. The present
14. The Earth
15. The Sun
16 The Moon

17. the beautiful autumn leaves
18. chocolate
19. my supportive husband
20. my son, who has been drug-free for 4 months
21. my body – it may be aging, but I can still walk, bike, explore, do a lot of things!
22. teachers

23. For being alive on this little rock floating through a vast universe
24. That every atom in our body works in such an impeccable way to keep us alive (homeostasis is amazing)
25. My health
26. For having people to come home to, people who care
27. For having people who write to me and ask how I am doing, people who also care
28. For still having my parents
29. For being lucky enough to fall in love with someone who loves me too
30. Big one: I’m thankful for the health of my family – even if we all have small health problems, we are still alive and kicking!
31. Posts like these that inspire!

Madeline Johnson:
32. For the beautiful town I live. Bayville by the beach in NY
33. For my four darling daughters who are magnificient
34. For my hardworking handsome husband who I adore
35. For my mom and dad who are suffering right now with mom’s illness
36. For this beautiful, Indian summer day.
Love this – so much fun.

37. For the sun that shines on my face
38. For the songs that birds sang in the morning
39. For the breeze that caressing through my hair
40. For the sand between my toes on the seaside
41. For being the way I am and loving it!!

42. For a happy heart.
43. For the opportunity to be given a new hip.
44. For animals who love me.
45. For the joy that my god child brings me.
46. For early morning peace as the rest of the world slumbers.

Mann Kaundal:
47. For evolution
48. For language
49. For love
50. For sleep
51. For water
52. For day and Night and in-between for AlpenGlow!

53. Fresh oxygen we get to breath
54. For keeping all my loved ones safe and healthy
55. For WordPress.com
56. For the beautiful city I live in
57. For fresh drinking water
58. For the greenery that surrounds my house
59. For the awesome weather
60. For the positive environment I live in
61. For the peace in and around me
62. For all my teeth that i can smile wide 🙂

Victor Uyanwanne:
63. For my wife
64. For my two energetic kids
65. For my job.
66. For the Holy Spirit in me.
67. For the joy of salvation.
68. For God’s grace and mercy
69 For health and life
70. For successful election in my country
71. For my blog (smiles)

lynn__ :
72. for the fall colors of golden maples and fiery sumac
73. for inspiring fellow bloggers
74. for blessings of 5 grand kids close by
75. for five fine sons and 3 daughters-in-love
76. for God’s love letter to us in his Word

SeasonedSistah2 says:
77. We can find something to be grateful for everyday.

A total of 77 reasons to thank God. Isn’t this amazing? And I know there are people who think there is much more. I wouldn’t dispute that. I only say if you know more, why not add to the list?

I want to thank all the loving friends who took time to share what we should be thanking God for. A serious Christian, of course, uses every opportunity to evangelize (talk about God). Please, dear friends, if you have more things to thank God for, let’s grow our list; and let the world know we have a good God who has done and is doing so much for humanity.


10 thoughts on “77 things to thank God for

  1. For giving me a second change in life. For never giving up on me even when I didn’t live for Him. For His unconditional love, always. For turning my lessons into blessings. For turning my life upside down in a positive way, removing toxic people and replace them with angels. I can go on forever to be honest. These are just a few. God is good. God is love.

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