A hug and a smile

I’ve read a lot of things on the net about a hug and a smile. Unfortunately, I didn’t take notes. Now I need some quick points on the importance of a hug and a smile. Which would you prefer? That somebody gives you a hug or a broad smile? I am planning a short talk and love to know you helped do it. Many thanks.

If you can send me a good smile or hug so that I display as l give my talk, how happy will I be!if you want to email it, send it to ngobesingromanuss@gmail.com.


12 thoughts on “A hug and a smile

  1. I really love both totally, and a hug usually goes with a smile. A smile can go without a hug though but is still lovely. I am a very huggy person and hugs give me lots of warmth and happiness. A lovely squeeze says I care and love you. Sometimes a hug is all you need and it says more than words!

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