Why have you not reacted?

I really expected you to react to this but you haven’t. It surprises me because I thought  you were interested.

Do you know what I have learned from this?

That what interests me does not necessarily interest you. The mistake many of us make is if we are passionate about something, we think everybody is passionate or should be passionate about it. A big wrong.

We all have different tastes; different interests; different likes and dislikes; and if you like a thing, it will be a big mistake to think that everybody equally likes it or should like it.

If you adore Donald Trump, do not think everybody will adore him. If you are a Hillary Clinton admirer, do not think everybody is a Hillary Clinton admirer.

I have great admiration for Ben Carson since reading his book “Gifted Hands” but how erroneous will it be of me if I think everybody should admire him.

As you go about life seeking to carve out a path for yourself, it is important to have this in mind. If you think everyone should see things as you see them you are headed for the rocks. If you think every other person should like what you like, you will be disappointed.

Some will see things your way; many will not.
Some will like what you like; many will not;
Some will admire the people you admire; many will not.

We could go on and on. But any use? The point has been made. I like us to look at the US Presidential election because it has to do with success and failure. From it many lessons can be learned about success and failure. What do you think? I already see one of the candidates heading for success and the others will surely hit their heads on the rocks. Take it with courage if your favorite candidate is not shining. “Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose.” I got this from a US President; and he was right. Who can win all the times?

3 thoughts on “Why have you not reacted?

  1. In life things are not always black and white; We should also know the shades of grey. It is not always as easy as it might look at first sight.

    Man has not to decide over life. We also do have to respect life and creation of all creatures.

    Respect is a very important issue we should take in consideration. D. Trump for sure showed enough times that he has no respect at all and is not the worthy candidate to govern all sorts of people, of all sorts of races and colours and all sorts of backgrounds and education. He proved not to be a respecting person for many of the lower class and of lower education as well as not respecting those who do not are with him.

    In a democracy all voices must be allowed to express themselves in a decent way. Religious and non-religious people should be allowed to live together respecting each-others their believes.

    Concerning pro-life and abortion issues on From Guestwriters ther has been going on an abortion debate, trying to show that it is not as easy as certain anti-abortionists are pretending and often are taking the wrong actions and often also taking a very unchristian attitude. (see overthere)

    One Big Problem which stand in the way of free choice and democracy in the United States is that those who do not have the financial means have no opportunity to come into politics withstand to become a presidential candidate. The U.SA. is a less or more a fake democracy, but luckily less than Belgium where though it is called a democratic country democracy is violated a lot.

  2. I cannot support a woman who believes we have a “right” to kill our unborn children. I hope to vote for a more compassionate woman to be U.S. president someday!

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