Sources of inspiration

IMG_20151010_174019How do you get yourself inspired, motivated or encouraged to bring out those talents that are buried in you?

There are certain books that are very inspiring. When you read them, they make you want to go out and conquer the world. I like reading such books because they inspire me. This is a good thing for you to do. Read such books often. They will inspire you a lot.

There are also speakers who will inspire and motivate you. Listen to them if you find them. They will pump you up. I usually feel on top of the world when I listen to such speakers. Actually, I encourage you look for such speakers and listen to them.

The blessings have been enormous. This is one of them

The blessings have been enormous. This is one of them

There are many other sources of inspiration. A film can inspire you; a TV program, a radio program, a documentary, a newspaper or magazine article can inspire you. A post on a blog can inspire you. A poem can inspire you.  A quote by a wise person can inspire you. A biblical verse or quotation can also inspire you. Many times I have been inspired by someone’s excellent performance in something. A good work of art can inspire you. A good sermon can also inspire you. The list cannot be exhausted. A simple word can inspire you. A good picture can inspire you.

Wise people attach great importance to things that inspire them. They prefer the company of people who inspire them to that of people who discourage or dishearten you.

When you are inspired or motivated,  you can do marvelous things. In fact,  you can do things which you would not be able to do at other times.

It is, therefore, wise to go for material that will inspire you. This may seem obvious; but it is not. There are people who think that reading books, listening to inspirational audio tapes, watching inspirational TV programs, listening to inspirational radio programs is a waste of time.  It is not. It helps in many ways.DSCN0800

Many of the highly successful people of the world today have got their success through the help of inspirational literature which pumps them up to bring out he best in them.

Perhaps you have been inspired many times in your life and you have achieved something worth sharing. It will be a good thing to share how it happened because that can inspire somebody to also achieve something. Wouldn’t that be great? Inspiring others,DSCN0768 can inspire you.


3 thoughts on “Sources of inspiration

  1. Wow! what a great article and it says it all so clearly. Particularly, the main reason I became a motivational speaker and a blogger to a greater extent is because I became a member of this wonderful human development organization called Gold Touch International and coincidentally, founded by the founder of this blog Mr Ngobessing. I was so pumped-up with motivation, inspiration and determination to go out there and carve out a place for myself in the world and that’s precisely what I did.

    This is to say that the message in this post is powerful, its no joke. it actually says what is happening everywhere and every day. But then, its not only about the nice words or the power of the message or the people who inspire you, they have done their job and have done it well. You the consumer has the singular responsibility to push it through to the finish line. The best message in the world will not achieve the world for you if you don’t take steps to translate it into action.

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