The champion

Have you ever experienced the joy of being a champion?  If you have never been a champion in anything, it’s hard to know. There is joy in being number one in a race; in winning the most coveted trophy; in winning a golden crown.

But it’s not milk to drink. If you only take a superficial look at those who have succeeded to get to the top of the ladder and are savoring the sweet taste of being a champion, you may not know the tunnels they passed through to get to their envied destination.

Most often people think they had it easy.  It’s hard for anyone to have it easy to the top. The road to the summit of the mountain has steep hills  filled with potholes, stones and gravel.  You have to fall and rise many times; and many times you may sustain wounds of struggle and suffer bruises of failure.

If  you are not sufficiently equipped with come-back power, you will never reach the top. Come back power is that ability which enables you to spring back and get going when you fall.

At this moment, more than twelve Americans are vying for the most coveted post in their country – the White House. These candidates are people who have proven their mettle in various ways and in their various fields in life. Yet, in the end, all but one person will win the trophy. And when that individual puts on the golden crown, hardly will people see the sleepless nights that it took for it to be won.

Success is hard to win. The greater the success, the harder it is to win. Therefore, you must take time to prepare yourself for the victories that you want to win in life. And if you want to be the first to reach the summit in a Mount Everest competition, bear in mind that the challenges will be tough; and you have to work hard; or train hard for it.

No competition for a gold medal is a bed of roses. But when you fight hard as a bull dog, and come out victorious, the result will be joy. You will know the joy of victory; the joy of being a champion

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