Hidden on a mountain

What are you looking for?
Is it success?
I know where to find it;
It’s hidden on a mountain called Hardwork.
To get there,
Board a vehicle called Goal;
The driver’s name is Determiation;
On the way you will meet Obstacle;
Don’t listen to what he tells you.
You will also meet a well dressed man
Called Discouragement;
He is a good story-teller;
Who will tell you beautiful stories;
But pay no heed to them;
There will be someone along the way
To help you. His name is Persistence;
Stick with him until you get what you want.


4 thoughts on “Hidden on a mountain

  1. Beautify, and when you get to the mountain top, it will not only be success waiting. You rill have a wonderful view of the countryside from that vantage point and trust me your ride home will be on a royal road.

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