Shall you be wise?

When each day begins,
24 hours ahead of me, I have;
Like everyone else;
And I am free to use them as I like;
What I do with them,
Is the 1 million-dollar question;
Whether I waste them or put them to good use,
The choice is mine;
And which ever I choose,
Either the fruits I will reap
Or the consequences I will bear.
The foolish waste their 24 hours;
Or most of them they waste;
And all or most of them,
The wise put to good use;
I will not be foolish;
I will be wise,
And put all my 24 hours to good use;
And not only to good use, to excellent use;
And excellent fruits,
I will reap;
Shall you be wise?
And do like me?

6 thoughts on “Shall you be wise?

  1. There are two questions that are to be answered.
    One is the million Dollar One and the pother is the last one Do You like me?
    The first question I sahll answer when you send me One Million Dollars.
    The Last Question about whether I like you.
    If I say No what you are going to do.
    I know you shall feel very bad, which I do not want in the first place to happen.
    So I say not only I like You but I also love You my Dear Ngobesing!

  2. Quite a challenge this one. I’ve been drifting a bit lately recovering from flu and adjusting my treatment so have been kind to myself. Need to start heading back to the real world. Thanks for the nudge xx Rowena

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