Good tears for the heart

Have tears ever flown down your cheeks because you heard or read something that deeply touched your heart?

This happens to me all the times. Sometimes people say things to me that make me so overjoyed that tears start pouring from my eyes. I have read two of such things today. I could not hold back the tears.

Do real men cry?

Thanks to all my friends who send me such lovely words that draw tears of joy from my eyes. Such tears are good for the heart.

8 thoughts on “Good tears for the heart

  1. It happens to me too, Ngobesing!
    Almost on a daily basis.
    Even when I am watching a movie & see something touching on the roads.
    In this blogging world also I have commented on that, just to give you one or two links where in you can see that, on the comment of Deb Cowdrey. One more is on :
    but I do not know on which post, I think I have to search.
    Yes those are tears of Joy.
    It also happens when your contact with the Almighty becomes intense and absolute.
    Love to You, My Dear, Hold your Tears.

      • It did surprise me too; since your response has come so late. Then I thought you were busy.
        Next week there is a surprise for you, keep seeing my Blog or rather I shall inform you about that.
        I take it a pleasure always to say your name, I keep telling or pronouncing it in front of my wife, children and friends.
        Do read my one Quote on “Know…. and one poem “Who are you?
        Love to You!

        • Thank you for being always so nice Shiva. You are always so kind and understanding. I like it when I read something from you and it reminds me gently of my long absence. i’ll come to your site soon and I will read many things. Thank you.

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