Make sure you are ready

IMG_20151114_172803IMG_20151108_154123Have you ever taken time to reflect on the future? Do the inhabitants of tomorrow’s world have a chance to live good lives? Shall there be enough jobs for all of them?

Many people are pessimistic.They think of the billions of young people in the world today and the many more who are being born, and wonder where they will get jobs to survive in their world of tomorrow.

For me, I have never been more optimistic about the world. Future generations will have their challenges, of course; but they will be up to the task.

Every generation is sufficiently equipped to get the best out of the world and pass on the best to future generations.

If you are a young person today, or still in school, I do not think you should preoccupy yourself with where you will get a job when you graduate but rather with whether you will be ready for any of the billions of opportunities that will be available for those who are ready.

Make sure you are ready. If you are ready for an opportunity, you will find it. They find opportunity who are ready for it.

4 thoughts on “Make sure you are ready

  1. I love this word ‘ADAPTATION’. It’s so powerful because people will forever adapt to their environment come what may and that is where I find what you are saying so interesting. If you don’t prepare today for tomorrow, you will find it tough and unable to adapt easily. If you need a job, learn a trade, develop a skill today. The opportunities of tomorrow belong to those who prepare today.

    While growing up, I wrongly thought that there were not enough jobs or opportunities but today I understand clearly that there are rather not enough people with the requisite education or skills to make use of existing opportunities. When I look at the case of Cameroon my country, many are those who think there are unemployed graduates roaming the streets but I rather think that there are a very few qualified graduates. Most of those who call themselves graduates are far from being what should be called graduates for a plethora of reasons. So they don’t get the jobs.

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