Tell me how you feel

Don’t you feel sad,
To see bad things happening
To good people?

Don’t you feel sad
To see innocent people dying
From the works of evil hands?

Don’t you feel sad
That innocent people who want nothing
But to live their simple lives
Are swept away in terrorist attacks?

Think for a moment that such a victim
Were you or your loved one.
Tell me how you would feel.
Is a terrorist attack a good thing?

Tell me how you feel;
Don’t you feel sad?
True that they may have a grievance;
What has the innocent to do with that?

Couldn’t we find a better way
To vent our anger?
Tell me how you feel;
Don’t you feel sad?

7 thoughts on “Tell me how you feel

  1. My aunt and uncle had a reservation to eat breakfast in one of the twin towers at the WTC in New York on September 11th 2001. However, they missed their flight to N.Y. the night before. Fate or divine intervention or just plain luck. I don’t know. I feel for the families of the victims probably more than I normally would’ve if it wasn’t for my aunt’s and uncle’s experience.

    • That is the point Kevin. If we can put ourselves just for a second in the shoes of the one that suffers the pain of an evil act, we’ll know what it means. Let us continue to campaign in our little way for an evil-free way. It may look far-fetched but every step in the right direction is important.

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