I gave a talk

I was recently invited to talk to teachers in training to motivate them to see teaching as a worthwhile profession. Following is one of the things I told them:

“There is no single person in a high level position in the world like the Pope, the President of the United States of America, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the President of the Wold Bank, or the International Monetary Fund, the President of your country who did not pass through the hands of a teacher.”

To this I added:

“All the builders of the world: politicians, engineers, lawyers, architects, journalists, diplomats, magistrates, businessmen and women passed through the hands of teachers. All inventions are the fruit of teaching and learning. Teaching is indeed a great profession.”

What is your comment about what I said? Did I say the right thing? Why would you advise anyone to take up teaching? Or why would you take up teaching yourself?

11 thoughts on “I gave a talk

  1. In the real world, I wouldn’t advise anyone to take up teaching. In an ideal world, it would be the most rewarding job ever. Who hasn’t at least one favourite teacher from his/her school days they always remember?

    • I understand. Teachers are not often rewarded and regarded as they should. We have to fight for that to change. They do so much for the world.This is from conviction. I have written a book titled The Teacher.

  2. Wonderful and inspiring comments, Ngobesing! Thank you for recognizing teachers! I also am trained as an educator, taught a couple years in a school, then taught my five sons at home ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. You are absolutely correct! I am sure those who were blessed to hear this reminder of their importance truly appreciated words! Somehow our culture has turned respecting school and the teachers who are in them, as a daycare to keep their children busy until they make it back round to picking them up! Teaching, from my little view as an Elementary secretary, is the hardest, most unrecognized job there is; or at least top three of most unrecognized! Your encouraging words reminds them why they decided to do it in the first place. One life changed or impacted, one child at a time:) God bless, good post!

    • Thank you very much. Your words are nice. I really have a lot of regard for teachers and teaching. Actually I consider myself a teacher because I had the training of a teacher, taught for many years, and continue to teach not in a classroom but in other ways. I will continue to share my views on this profession especially what I said in my talk. I hope this will encourage the teachers who read it to feel more comfortable in their profession.

  4. You said it so true! Teaching is a noble profession and we all have to or been through the hands of a teacher in some way or the other.
    Thank you for reminding us again! ๐Ÿ™‚

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