Prayer for God’s Grace

Grant me the grace O Lord,
To set my eyes where
You meant me to do!
Grant me the grace O Lord,
To know the things
That are important to know!
Grant me the grace O Lord,
To do today
Only what will please you;
That I may fully accomplish
My mission today!

10 thoughts on “Prayer for God’s Grace

  1. Ah! My dear & beloved brother popped again in yours truly blog! You have not forgotten me! HaHaHa! HalleluYah! Thanks, your faithful visits here & there greatly encourage me. Until next time, His love in my heart for you! 🙂

          • Thank You. Talking to my gifted son a minute ago I calmly said, “Of course, we need to encourage each other!” This time? He got it!
            I was referring to the matter of trust–we must trust Yahushua and no one else–impossible to get that matter into our thick skulls!
            When I insist, my fellow here cannot grasp how to abandon mama, poppa, wife & all then follow the Master.
            All the time from everybody, the same thing, “But we need each other!” I gotten to the point of screaming it in shear frustration, “YES WE DO! BUT WE DO NOT NEED EACH OTHER AHEAD OF OUR FATHER CREATOR! UNLESS WE TRUST HIM FIRST THERE IS NO OTHER WAY!”
            Then, I go through many days of mortification for losing my temper! Haha!
            For then, Father comes through with His most famous words to me, “Quit feeling sorry for yourself! Get up and go wash your dishes!” Or, “Go fix you a cup of coffee.”
            And while I quickly go about His mandate, He begins to inject upon my thick skull a good chunk of His wisdom to pass on to His children.
            So, the moral of the story is that, in spite of my temper and all of my carnal faults, Father is reaching the heart & mind of this son of mine as well as many others.
            How do I know that? My son is finally getting it and on the boot, I get a comment from a famous you! Haha! HalleluYah!
            Here are the links, (Some good stuff Father has injected into my being!) 🙂

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