A man too rich to die


Is there anyone who is too rich to die? Mr. Money thinks there is. And that person is him. He actually tries to outsmart death having no qualms about using unscrupulous means including bribery and corruption to achieve what he wants.

But it does not take long for him to realize it is impossible to manipulate death as he has all along manipulated and exploited to become excessively rich.

He finds that despite his riches, he will die just as other person; and will not take along a single coin of his huge wealth.

It is an extract from this play that I had the joy of presenting during a reading evening for writers on Friday 27 November 2015.

It was quite a thrilling occasion which enabled both young and old with writing aspirations to draw inspiration from the writers.


5 thoughts on “A man too rich to die

    • You are right Belinda. I have not looked up the complete history of money to know all the reasons it was crated but I become more and more convinced some powerful person wanted to create something that would give him more power over others and it has ended making the world so hard to live in. Those who have very much put in place inhibiting structures so that others don’t have as much in order to keep them in a position of power. Since it is equated with power, people fight over it and a lot of evil is done.

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