Love is like an egg

I have been reflecting on love. What are the characteristics of love?

Love is a wonderful emotion with formidable powers. By itself it has no limits. The only limits to it are those placed by humans. It is not limited by geography, language; color; or age.

Love travels faster than we imagine. It travels faster than sound and light. In terms of speed, I see love rivaling only with thought and feeling.

Love has no specific shape. It can take any shape. It has all shapes.

It can be patient, tolerant, kind, sympathetic. But it can also be cruel. It can be generous. But it can also be stingy and cruel.

It is the greatest gift to humanity. But it has also caused untold harm to humanity. This means it is good and it can be bad. When it is reciprocated, it is very good. If it is rejected, it can be terrible; cruel and destructive.

Love needs a lot of care. It is like an egg; to be handled with care. Be careful what you do with love!

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