Do you agree?

I told a good friend of mine I wanted to do something original; something no one has done before so that I can make my mark in life.

Do you know what he told me? That there is nothing I can do that has not been done.

I looked at him unbelieving. He said nothing; and the next day I received this poem from him:

There’s nothing you can do
That has not been done;
Nothing you can say;
That has not been said;
Nothing you can create
Thar has not been created;
Everything worth doing
has been done already;
You can only duplicate,
You can imitate;
You can never really create;
There’s nothing you can do
That has not been done.

I read it twice. I have never stopped reading it. Yet, I do not agree; and wish really to hear from you whether you agree or not.

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  1. Thank you for your like on my post, we can agree that everything is already invented, or created, in this millinum of advencced technology that there are masters of great masterpieces whom preceded us in everything, but we disagree mostly, because still there is imagination.
    _ ” Knoledge is limited, Imagination encircles the world”- Einstein
    That is, Imagination is the proper trait to humankind, wich is the only gift that makes man is superior to other kinds subjects of creatures, it’s make him unique in his humanity, but he still share some beastial instincts with others of the creation, when he steps down to that level.
    Thank you again for reading

  2. I agree with the that Poem. I also disagree with everything done, said, created, we cannot duplicate, imitate or create it.

    I disagree with that statement because God created each one of us just a little bit different than the other.
    No matter what we do, say, think or create or try to repeat what has been done before us, it will come out a little bit different than anyone else. For the simple reason, God created us all just a little bit different than the other. It will be our original version.

    Have you ever met Rev. Michael Jarrett? I know he has been to Cameroon. He is a dear friend.

  3. If each of us is unique, than everything we say and do is, too. We might use similar actions and similar words but as they come from different personal histories, insights, thoughts and feelings, each is imbued with a different meaning. Having said that, yes there is the collective unconscious and we all take water from the same well and are much more alike than different. So let’s celebrate our uniqueness and sameness and keep creating, because if you stay true to your heart and soul and without blindly following or copying others you will create unique things, there is no way around it.

  4. Great thought; I am wondering how your friend knew these things. If he meant by creation or “creating something” an act where you make existent something that used to be nonexistent, like a tree, I would agree. But we define the word “create” individually and creatively. The excitement of what is new fires up the mind.

  5. I agree in part with what your friend said. To find something that is completely original is getting rarer everyday. What we find today is that people are taking an old idea and making it “new” by applying it to todays’ challenges. Case in point the comment above referencing drones. It is not only the original that makes an impact, it is the old that we see in new ways.

    • This is quite thoughtful. I am always tempted to think that the moment we add something to what exists we have created something new.It is no longer the exact original. It is different even if the difference is slim. If this holds then we create everyday in different ways.

  6. I don’t agree. First of all, if you do what has been done somewhere in a completely new way, you’ve created something new except I have lost touch with the definition of an invention. I am sure nobody has thought of a Stainless Steel Mentality until I did for example but I am not the person who invented the stainless steel.

    Drones have been around for some time but I never heard that somebody invented the tiniest drone that targets and kills cancer cells in the body until my friend Dr Ngwa Wilfred of Harvard Cancer Center and his team did.

    We know far less than an atom of what can be known and invented. Keep an open mind and explore. There is no limit to human creativity.

  7. don’t agree with him/her- creating something unique may be tough game but new, don’t think so. really don’t, even if someone somewhere has written a similar thing, it is not same, often they are widely different from each other, so we can say they are similar but not same, none is a duplicate/copy/mimicry of other.

    But the way it seems doing something unique is becoming real tough! human beings are now sitting on a mountain of knowledge, so every thing we do we may find out someone has done something like that, if not today then hundred/thousand years ago!

  8. Kinda agree but willing to not agree, aaah.. what is this? But, read something about this theory, that everything that has done in this world saved in somewhere and will be revealed again sometime…
    But we are all new people in the world and everyone is different, so just do it! Let’s be creative!

  9. Ah, as an artist I love this one. Sadly, I believe it is true, there are no more original thoughts as I believe we all draw from a collective consciousness. But, where the magic happens, is that it has not been done by YOU! So, I say, be creative and get your unique fingerprints all over that thing that makes your ears perk up and your heart beat fast and your mind lose track of time. We add our unique nature and vision to the collective consciousness of God, so in the future, others will build original ideas off of our inspiration. Great post!

  10. I don’t agree, there are an infinite amount of things still today that have been yet to be done in our finte existence, I would probably tell him to go and discover something new about himself or the world around him

  11. There will always be innovations and there will always be pioneers but how can one individual ensure that they will be successful? One way is by not accepting that there is nothing new under the sun. Experimenting and trying new ways of doing things is the only way to improve our lives. Where would Facebook be if Mark Zuckerberg had said “Oh well, it’s been done before, I can’t improve on email?”

    Things will stay the same if we don’t accept change. Just because it has been done before and has “always been done that way”, it does not mean that we cannot find a better way.
    Everything worth doing certainly has not been done already. How about eradicating poverty? How about ending war? Disease? Disabilities? How about travelling to other galaxies? How about bungee jumping and base jumping – those things hadn’t been done before the necessary circumstances existed to make them possible.
    So many blogs have been written before, but this blog is different. I have never read a blog from the Cameroon before and all I know about Cameroon is from a book written by a white English lady. So as far as I am concerned it hasn’t been done before. I thank you for writing it and I am interested to follow!

  12. Each of us is unique and designed by God, so why would God limit our potential to be original and creative. I think that if I spent more time in His presence.. I might be more creative.

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