How would you take this?

Slowly, and unsteadily,
I am on my way home;
Home seems further than usual;
An ocean of thoughts swims through my mine;
Weighing heaviest on me
Is the thought of our love;
Or what used to be our love.

The more I think about it,
The more I find it hard to walk;
My feet are heavy;
It is as if they had been tied
To a strong horse that is pulling me back.

Tears fill my eyes
And keep welling up;
I feel like crying like a baby;
You loved me
And I loved you too;
Our love was the envy of all;
But that was in the past.

So abruptly,
So unexpectedly,
The whole thing has changed;
I do not recognize you again;
Are you the same person I knew and loved?
Where is the you who loved me?
You no longer listen to me;
Neither do you want to see me.

Where is the you who listened to me
All day long?
Where is the you who never got tired
Of seeing me?
Everything I do now is wrong;
Am I mad or something?
What is going on?
I do not understand.

Our love is no longer the same;
Something I am still to know has happened;
People tell me a man
Has come between you and me.
Where from and why?
Why would that happen?
Can you do that to me?

I can’t believe what I fear;
Am I living in the past?
Truly, I can see
Your heart is gone from me
For ever;
Never to return; but why?
How am I supposed to take this?
If you were in my place,
How would you take this?

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