Who is having it easy?

I have just been wondering who is having it easy with their blogs. Or does everybody struggle like me?

I find the challenges rather too many – writing posts, reading what fellow bloggers have written, liking or commenting, accepting awards, participating in different activities, answering comments on my own posts etc; and at the end of the day very little to write home about.

Honestly, I often get quite lost and guilty because I cannot return the visits of many friends; and in anger, I guess, some abandon me. I fully understand them.

When I looked at it all, I have been wondering if some people are coping. Of course, Many must. We all have different capacities and abilities. As I said in a recent post, what I cannot do I should not assume that no other can do. Others are doing it.

That is why I raise this. If anyone could give me some encouraging words and some advice here, you can be sure I will highly appreciate and never forget.

Who is giving me their support?

19 thoughts on “Who is having it easy?

  1. At the start of this course it was almost impossible but as the week draws to a close the burden eases. I’ve enjoyed reading new blogs, topics and learning a huge variety of things. I’m still not up together with everything that has been asked.
    I suppose the main thing is I’m smiling and willing to learn more – great blog and posts by the way. πŸ˜‰

  2. My Dear Friend,
    You state the dilemmas precisely. I feel and live with them as well. Today I have the privilege of spending a few hours visiting followers, commenters and likers! I won’t get to everyone. I never will.

    I’ve been trying something out for over a month now. It seems to be working. I write for my blog Monday through Thursday and Saturday. That gives me one day (Fridays) for whatever I would like to do that day–including visiting other bloggers. It also gives me one day (Sunday) for Sabbath rest.

    In order to function like this, I need to hold loosely the numbers that appear in my Stats. They may be way up one day and down the next. What matters is that I’m consistently writing for my blog. Usually one post a day; every now and then two.

    Deep down I’m a writer. If I don’t write my life, no one else will. It gives me joy to find words that connect various parts of my life with other parts of life in this world. When I do this, I’m at peace. For me, the best time to write is in the morning. I’ve cut back some on my social engagements each week in order to protect time for writing. Because I’m an introvert, and retired, this isn’t impossible for me. Yet it isn’t easy, either.

    Cheers to you for what you’re doing, and for your inspiring posts!

  3. You are doing great my friend. Your posts are like poems for me and i enjoy reading them though I might not comment always, know that I am reading πŸ™‚

    Success is doing what you love and loving what you do. If we feel like ‘struggling’ we should observe and study that there might be something wrong. Maybe we didn’t prioritize well or our goals aren’t realistic. I feel struggle and unease shouldn’t be there in life πŸ™‚

    Love and light <3

    Anand πŸ™‚

  4. I agree at times it is difficult to keep up with everything (I am finding this very much the case at the moment,) it is best just to do what you can and not overstress yourself. If you lose a few followers along the way perhaps they are not “true” blogging friends, because true blogging friends will always stick by you and understand your , and accept your apology if you can’t participate in various challenges.

  5. Personally, I publish one or two posts per week and visit other blogs only when I am interested. Most of the times, I just scroll down the reader. I expect the same from others. So, no problem even if they don’t read, like or comment on my post. Practically, I can’t read all that comes, can I?

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