Always use it to build

It is my belief that whatever you have, you can use it to create something useful. I tried to experiment with the five words of the blogging 201, namely reflection,freedom,second,magic and sleep to see if I could build a whole out of them. Following is what I came out with. What do you think?

I find daily reflection on important issues in life a valuable exercise. My advice is that you take time to do this. Undoubtedly, you will find few values more precious than freedom.

Freedom comes second to none on the list of my priorities.
Work is next because there is no magic wand to success apart from working very hard. However, when you work, you must find time to sleep and rest to re-energize and move on.

My conclusion is whatever is put on your path, always use it to build. Try to put it together to come out with a whole that serves a useful purpose.

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