Build a bigger audience

Do you want to grow your audience?

Building an audience for your site is a most likely desire if you are a blogger. It is my desire as well. That is why I heartily welcome today’s prompt by Krista in Blogging 201 which aims to help the participants grow their audience.

Krista says “Making use of social networks spreads your brand to bigger circles.”

I fully agree. She states that to best do this, it is important to “choose where to focus your energy” given that “the internet is a vast playground.”

If you are participating in this activity, the assignment demands that you “pick one social network you’ll use to help grow your blog.” When you have done this, you “Then outline a plan for how you’ll use it.”

Since “blogging is about building community,” Krista states, “other social networks have ready-made communities. Because social networks are a great place to continue tangential conversations and experiment with content.”

I cannot be grateful enough to Krista for today’s prompt. I believe that with a good mastery of how to exploit these social media your blog will grow remarkably.

I am very interested in reading about the experiences of others in this area. How has using networks to grow your audience benefited you?

12 thoughts on “Build a bigger audience

    • This is good information Tessa. My problem is I have not yet discovered how I can translate the likes I get on FB into traffic for my blog, WP. I get lots of people who read my posts on FB but end there. I want them to follow me to WP but they are not coming. They stay with me on FB and after that they go home leaving me waiting for them on WP. How do I get them to pay me regular visits on WP?

    • Sorry had to come up here. The other comment box wouldn’t work. I have a fan page for each blog and I past different posts on there to catch their eye and I advertise the fan pages on the blog group on facebook fan page on the blog. Everyone is supposed to follow a few blogs too. It is not a lot of followers, but I do get some.

  1. Social networking sites were not of much use to increase my fan following. Well when I am little active in twitter I get followers there but none follow my blog and same for fb

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