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Dear friends, I am very happy with the prompt today in Blogging 201. Krista has come up with an idea I have been having but did not know how to go about it.

I believe in a world where love prevails and breaks boundaries; where we speak lovingly to each other; where we wish people well all the time. So my idea is to create an activity which centers around sharing love; sharing loving words; wishing a number of people well daily so that more and more love can circulate in the world.

What do you think of my idea? Is there anybody who can help me go about this? I do not know where to start. I recently launched a call for International Friendship Forum because I believe so much in the need for a world where love fills all hearts and we see every other person regardless of color, geography, etc,as a brother or sister.

Quite many people were interested in the idea of International Friendship Forum but I do not now how to go about it. Please, help with your ideas.
Thank you.

8 thoughts on “Share love words

  1. I like your idea because it multiplies exponentially. I’ve been thinking about how to do something similar in my little neighborhood. It seems we easily fall into routines that don’t leave time for words and good wishes that communicate much more a passing nod or smile (though they aren’t bad!). Maybe your Forum is for people who agree to share a smile and perhaps a kind Hello with people they meet–whether there’s a conversation or not. Just looking people in the eyes as we pass them on the street is sometimes daunting in our over-busy and sometimes fearful world.

    • Thank you Elouise. Your words give me encouragement. We really need to put in place strategies to generate and spread more love in the world. My problem is how to organize this into an activity like we are having a challenge or these blogging exercises that we are having so that all those who participate in it also have something to gain for their blogs. If you come up with any ideas do not hesitate to let me know. Thanks indeed.

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