Why success is hard to come

Do you know why success is hard to come?
When you do not know the combination that brings success,
It is hard to come.
When you do not have and use the key that opens the door to success,
It is hard to come.
The moment you use the right key,
The door will open to you;
And you will enjoy success in abundance.
The secret is therefore to search for the key and get it.
And what do I mean by key?
Who understands what I mean?
By key, I mean the know-how.
Acquire the know-how for success
And success will be yours.

11 thoughts on “Why success is hard to come

  1. Mr. Romanus,
    Happiness is the key to success.
    Few people are truly happy in life, although this is something that takes time, years to be exact.
    To be really good at what you do in your chosen profession, you have to be enjoy your job, enjoy the accomplishment every day,
    So how did I do on the quiz today?

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