Poor me!

Poor me!
It was only later that I knew
Her words and actions
Were a camouflage;
At that time, they touched my heart;
And made my head reel;
Never had I heard such loving
Words said to me before;
She told me she had never seen
Someone like me; that I was special;
That in rain or shine
She would love me; and stay with me
That she loved me more than
She could put in words;
How could I have known
That all those sweet words were camouflage?
And they were;
For even as she spoke
She was planning a wedding with another;
Which is what she did;
And only later did I know.
Poor me!

7 thoughts on “Poor me!

    • Thank you. I am a poet by accident. Let me explain. I Never really knew I would be writing so many poems, Though I had written some poems.; but when I started blogging, I found it was the genre that was flowing best for me; and readers were responding more to it. In a few lines you can build a strong message. Here I am, today with five, six, seven poems day.

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