Farewell sweetie-pies

It’s time to go home, loving friends,
It’s time to get on our departure trains;
Since parting time has come;
And we have no choice but to go home,
Without you I’ll again be alone;
For none can stop that which must be done.

It was but a brief moment we spent together;
And had just begun to know one another;
Love had started to make its gentle flow
Like a breeze through our hearts it started to blow.
But here we are bound to go;
And give love a hard blow lo.

Many of you, I met for the first time;
Many of you also,our friendship in its prime;
You all I found such sweetie-pies;
I do not want that such love so easily flies.

Maybe we’ll never meet again,
Since it’s hard to know what will obtain;
But if God should grant us more days;
And in my prayer I’m asking for that grace,
As all of us were together gloved,
Let us continue the journey we so much loved.

19 thoughts on “Farewell sweetie-pies

    • Not at all Natalie. I was participating in the WordPress poetry course for December. We have ended and saying farewell to fellow participants. I cannot, on my own, leave the blogosphere now. That would be selfish, uncaring and unfair of me. I know I have made friends here who want me around and I cannot deprive them of my company. Thanks for your concern.

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