What people fear the most

What is your greatest fear?
What do people fear the most?
Why do people fear?
I do not expect you to answer all these questions here and now if you don’t like to; but I like you to think about them.
What is the effect of fear on humans?
Do you have any advice you can give to people concerning fear? Go ahead and do it.
Is there any quote which you consider worth sharing on fear? Why not share it?
Thanks for sharing on fear.

12 thoughts on “What people fear the most

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  2. I have been dealing with a lot of fear here lately. I have been reading encouraging articles and books that have helped me. One of them is an article about how to deal with difficult circumstances. One thought remained in my mind and that is to focus on Jesus instead of the circumstances. When we put our faith in God though the world is going crazy all around us we take our focus off the circumstances and are able to deal with the fear more satisfactory. I’ve been having to face some fears in my own life here recently and taking my focus off the circumstances and trusted in Jehova has helped me tremendously. God does not want us to live in fear.

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