Making a living through blogging

Recently, I talked to some young people about blogging. After I had told them how I enjoyed blogging and it was making me connect with people around the world, I got a shocking question from one of them.

What is more intriguing, I discovered that almost all of them were looking at things from the same direction.

The question that took me unawares and I could not answer fully because I did not back it up was:

“After all the joy you derive from blogging, making friends around the world and impacting others with your ideas, what next? Will that put bread on your table?”

I tried to tell them that putting bread on the table was not the most important thing but they told me I was out of step with reality.

We separated without agreeing on the issue. Curiously, they are not the only ones to think this way. Many people think that we need to be able to put bread on our table from what we do otherwise we will have to look for another way to do it.

This issue did not end with our separation. When I reflected on it later I told myself it was better to throw it open to people who master the subject. Of course, there are people who are making a lot of money through their blogs; but how easy is it? Many people do not know how to go about it.

Many people, indeed, do not know what possibilities the web offers to bloggers.Can anybody who is making a living through their blog share their story to newer bloggers?

Are there people who are living through blogging? What are the possibilities of making a living through blogging? Over to you.

Picture 1: courtesy Sharmishtha Basu.

14 thoughts on “Making a living through blogging

  1. Bread is not the good that is worth earning in of itself. Joy and light and learning are the good. Bread helps bring a small amount of life and joy, so it is good, but there are far better things in this world, and even better things beyond this world. Thank you for this post.

    • Thank you Jace. Indeed, there are “better things beyond this world.” But many are still to know this. I have had occasion to say this many times to people. Not once, however, I have been told that such is the language of people who cannot find bread. They console themselves with this thought. They say with bread on the table someone can do a lot to gain the ‘better things beyond this world.’ For instance, build your church, take care of your pastor or priest, help the poor, do charity etc. All this makes the issue complicated, indeed. Do you see the point, Jace?

    • This sounds great, Peterain. The only question is where will the personality be getting money to pay you if the blogging for which he is paying you does not produce money? You cannot work for New York and receive your salary from Paris or London.

  2. I have several people purchase my books because of my blog. But it has become something bigger and better than that. I have met some of the most interesting, thoughtful people through blogging, people that I really consider my blogging friends.

    • This is good to hear. This information is good because there are many bloggers who do not know that through blogging they can sell things.Making friends is also important. Lasting and meaningful friendships can be made through blogging.

  3. I asked myself exactly the same question. I think it is more to do a marketing for whta else you do! Like through my posts (and for example your support) I sold some books!

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