Fathers, let’s sit up

Are we sure we are doing enough for our kids?
They are more inclined to their mothers;
Isn’t that an indication that we aren’t doing enough?
How much time do we spend with them?
What do we offer them?
What do we do for them?
What example do you show them?
Ask any child,
“Who do you prefer, father or mother?”
The answer will almost always be same:
This should ring a bell.
Fathers,let’s sit up;
Let’s not take things for granted;
And pretend that all is well
Between us and our kids.
Or am I the only one seeing it?

9 thoughts on “Fathers, let’s sit up

  1. Society can be pretty demanding of fathers. In most cases, fathers are expected to be the main breadwinner in the household, as well as the one who does the most disciplining. Perhaps we should relieve fathers of some of this pressure if we are going to ask them to step up in other ways.

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