Encourage me!

As we begin a new year,
I am making one request to you;
I like you to say a word to me;
Encourage me;
Say something to inspire me;
Motivate me to keep going;
Fuel my tank so that I can deliver in 2016.
Tell me if I am right to set big goals
For my blog and my life;
I put all my trust in God;
Am I right?
I believe the best is till to come;
Am I right?
Tell me something that will make me happy;
But let it be something that is true,
Are you ready?
You are sweet to do it;
I know you will.

17 thoughts on “Encourage me!

  1. In addition just want to let you know that your blog has been a shining light to me. When I was discouraged many times I’ve come here to find a word of encouragement and I’ve always been encouraged. Thank you for being here for us. Keep up the good work. Your possativeness is such an inspiration! It is so easy to get discouraged but you are different. Keep letting your light shine and never give up. Make 2016 a better year than the one before! We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! And rejoice in the Lord always then again I say rejoice. The minute you open your eyes thank God for the new day…a new opportunity to love and do good and be a blessing to others. And never give up.

  2. The most encouraging thing is that we are God’s children and no matter what He is always beside us. We will never get lost and His light is shining even in the darkest darkness. I encourage you to trust Him no matter what are the circumstances.
    Blessings! ☺

  3. God is in control and Jesus is closer to returning than what he was last year. Do not fret when you see bad things happening in the world. Just keep helping people, keep loving people because the fulfillment of the law is love. Do not return evil but use the bad things people say and do as an opportunity to love your enemies. Keep going forward for God, loving Him and those created in his image and you will see the salvation of God.

  4. Tell me what guides your vision when you write. I collect points of view. It provides prospective. The encouragement is what of you do I Reblog? Humble or profound, give me a Reblog.

    • What guides me to write is my passion for an excellent world. I am passionate about helping people to be the best that God created them to be. When they are that is what they will give back to the world and so the world will be an excellent place for all to enjoy. I have not got your point on reblogging. Do you mind explaining what you have in mind?

      • Reblog is sharing. We all have different things that resonant within us. I have many different followers and there are things that in the middle of reading stops you. It’s these things I hope to read and share.

  5. We all need encouragement. Sometimes it gets one sided and one can feel defeated in their attempt to blog. I have been there but my heart is for God to get all glory for my humble place here at wordpress.

    • Thanks for your encouragement Mother Hen. Do you know what I do when I feel I am not getting enough encouragement? I ask for it. You will be surprised to find that so many people are willing to encourage you even though they may not have done it.Ask for it dear friend and you will have it. Watch and see how I am going to get lots of encouragement here because I asked for it. If you visit people’s blogs and they don’t visit yours ask for it; ask over and over. Insist. You deserve attention and should have your fair share.

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