New year resolution

When a new year is coming, many people make new year resolutions. This is good. A good new year resolution can transform your life.

The difficulty when it comes to new year resolutions is keeping them. They are easier made than kept.

Sharing on strategies to keep one’s new year resolutions can, thus, be a worthwhile exercise.

What can one do to keep one’s new year resolution? Is a new year resolution worthwhile? What is your new year resolution? Feel free to answer any, none or all.


5 thoughts on “New year resolution

  1. I’m not sure yet if I’m setting any New Years Resolutions, per say … but, I do think goal setting is a positive thing. Maybe writing it down and posting it where you see it everyday can help you stick to it. Best of luck to those setting resolutions and goals! God bless!

  2. new year resolution sucks according to me ! frankly a person remains same no matter what resolution he or she takes ! its always same old same old until
    he is willing to change from his soul

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