Ignore that liar in you

There may be some dreams that appear too big for you now. Yet if your heart goes for them, I advise that you embrace them as your dreams.

Why do I say this?

I say this because if you wave them off as being too big for you, twenty years from now, when you cast a glance at them, you will find that had you stuck to them, you would have achieved them.

Never cast aside a dream which burns in your heart because a small, cowardly, negative, silent voice within lies to you that it cannot be achieved.

It can be achieved. You’re up to it. Ignore that liar in you.

6 thoughts on “Ignore that liar in you

  1. i just needed to read this. I have always dream of studying literature but well I am doing my majors in engineering due to my family pressure or you may say I was just too smart too opt literature. Not that My family is always supportive with me writing and reading books. My dream to be a writer one day makes me laugh at myself. I am just afraid you know I don’t know a thing about writing. I am just a beginner neither I am professional blogger. But writing is what that thrills me! 🙂

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