On your way to success

Peter: To take a resolution to make the most of your opportunities in 2016, is a laudable decision.

John: And what do you mean by ‘to make the most of your opportunities’ if I may ask?

Peter: What a question! What do you understand by it? Secondly, what do you think about it?

John: You tell me. That is what I am anxious to know since you give the impression that you know.

Peter: It’s simple. It means:

You are determined to succeed;
You work as hard as you can;
You think and act positively;
You plan your work well;
And follow your plan;
And never give up
Until you achieve
That which you are out
To achieve.

John: That sounds beautiful! And that is my resolution for this year.

Peter: Brilliant! You are on your way to success. Bravo!


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