Let’s do something

I wish I could do something;
Come let’s comfort them;
Let’s comfort the wounded hearts;
They are all over the world;
Those who are deeply hurt;
Those who are bleeding
With pain and sorrow;
Those who are tortured by love not returned;
Those who are victims of injustice;
Those who are suffering under the yoke
Of cruelty and human wickedness;
I wish I could do something about it;
I wish I could bring them relief,
And comfort; and joy;
I wish I could fight for them;
What a cruel world we live in!
Come, let’s join hands and do something;
And change this world;
And put an end to the evil we see
Everywhere we go;
Come let’s bring comfort and joy
To all the wounded hearts of the world.

4 thoughts on “Let’s do something

  1. I definitely wish there were more ways I could help those that are hurting and heal the wounded. May peace and love be spread across the world.

  2. I have turned my life wholly over to Christ. I intend to make a place in this world where love abides and war and cruelty are no longer tolerated. I extend my hand to you.

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