The real leaders of the world

I am Commander-in-Chief;
I am not kidding;
I call the shots;
Not only in the home,
But everywhere;
In the entire world;
Though you think another does;
How mistaken!
I take all the decisions;
I determine how the country is run;
Actually I determine how the world is run;
I am the perfect influencer;
Yet, some call me
Only a woman;
Am I only a woman?
Not at all;
I am a woman;
But not only a woman;
I am the leader;
The one leading the world;
We of my kind are
The real leaders
Of the world.

2 thoughts on “The real leaders of the world

  1. Sometimes it’s difficult for many of us to accept gender equality and sometimes gender supderioity. I am glad to reconnect with you after returning from a six-week blogging holiday.

    • I just expressed my joy to see this sweet face again. You are very welcome.
      Please, don’t leave again;
      I need you by me;
      Life is better without;
      Not without you;
      So, stay with me,
      Sweet friend.
      Written just for you. LOL!

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