Watch your seconds

Christmas and New Year celebrations
Have come and gone;
The celebration mood is now left behind;
And the agenda for this year engaged;
What we get out of the year,
Depends on how we use our time;
Every second counts;
Sixty of them add up to a minute;
Sixty minutes add up to an hour;
Twenty-four hours make a day;
And on and on we go,
Till a year is made.
Therefore, watch your seconds;
If you want a good balance sheet
At the end of the year;
Make the most of your time;
And you make the most of your life.

4 thoughts on “Watch your seconds

  1. Wonderful! I really love the lines about the seconds, minutes and hours that eventually make up a year. That is my favourite section of this poem. They really resonated with me.

    • I am happy to know something in the poem has touched you. My joy will be complete the day I shall move you with my words to achieve something that will change your life for ever. That is my dream for this blog.

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