Don’t block the young

The old who block the young from growing make a big mistake. They know not what they do. The young shall grow, whether we like it or not.
The future belongs to the young. Let us give them the help they need to be the best persons they can be.

6 thoughts on “Don’t block the young

  1. This is an interesting train of thought. Sometimes the old want to “block” the young as they feel they have valuable experiences that will help the former. But, as the saying goes, each to their own. The young are a new generation with new experiences, so I suppose sometimes, they need to fly on their own and find their own way. Still, it doesn’t hurt to listen to what the old have to say and perhaps take something away from that.

    As someone who comes from a typical Chinese family, your words in this post speak to me. Time and time again I feel blocked by an elder’s perspectives on how I choose to live my life…your post couldn’t have been more timely. Best wishes.

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