Huge audience challenge

As the prompt for Day three of blogging 101 says, ‘Blogging is a communal experience.” I couldn’t agree more. We blog because we want others to read our thoughts and ideas. We would not continue if others never read our work.

As we want others to read what we publish, so too do others want us to read what they publish. So it becomes like in marriage. You have to give and take. If you only take, you will soon find nothing to take.

There are many befits that have accrued to me from engaging with a blogging community. Now I have friends all over the world. That makes me proud. Secondly, I have learned a lot from both young and old.

But two problems stare me in the face. Although my dream is to have as many readers as possible, and although I do not yet have as many readers as I dream to have, already I am unable to manage the ones I have. I continue to wonder how those who receive more traffic than I do manage them.

And I feel really bad that many people visit me and like my work but I cannot return the kindness because I find it hard to visit all of them.

I would appreciate if somebody could kindly tells me how they handling this issue.

This is point one. Point two has to do with my mission. I blog not just to be read but to inspire, motivate and encourage my readers to bring out the best in themselves and achieve their dreams. What worries me is am I not running after an audience that may not be those who actually need what I am giving. The focus of everybody on the blogosphere seems to be traffic. We hit like on people’s sites so that they may come to ours. At the end of the day, how many people actually read what we write carefully to benefit from it.

My question is how can I stay focused on those readers who find what I write helpful and read not to encourage me to come to their own site but to benefit from what I write; to use it to change their lives.

It looks like most of blogging is running around liking and commenting without actually benefiting from the immense wealth of knowledge that fills the pages of sites on the blogosphere.

This is a real worry to me. If I can have ten people who read what I have written and use it and it actually changes their lives shall I not have succeeded more than having one thousand people on my site a day who only hit the like button without having read what I have written?

I appreciate if somebody cold say say something about this.

Day Three: Say Hello to the Neighbors

Blogging is a communal experience; if you didn’t want anyone to read your posts, you’d keep a private diary. Today, you’ll engage with the blogging community, the first step in building an audience.

Today’s assignment: follow five new tags in the Reader and five new blogs.


39 thoughts on “Huge audience challenge

  1. Let me say in addition that I think you write too much. I don’t say this to be mean but I think it would be easier on you if you selected fewer writings. Less is more sometimes. Go go to my email and it is loaded with messages …most of them are from your blog. It would be better in my opinion had I gotten a few good nuggets rather than a whole bunch at once, many of which will be overlooked because of the abundance. I hope I have put this in a good way.

    • You are right. One reason being that many people publish on my site. I have about fifty authors publishing on this site. What do you advice I do about this? I like the site to be a forum where writers express themselves. I know I overload readers. Secondly I prefer my ideas lying there with a chance of someone seeing them someday than never to be expressed at all. If I don’t put them to the world, what do I do with them? Thank you for being honest to bring this up. I am waiting for your further thoughts on this.

  2. Well I’m very thankful your here. I don’t read *all* of your posts…..but I do glean a lot from your writings and what you have written does inspire me and motivate me to do right and I appreciate you and what you are doing for us.

    • Thank you. I know less is better when looking for an audience. My first concern is to make my ideas available to the world. If they are nor read today, they may be read tomorrow. Since time is running out for me, I just want to pour out everything.

  3. Ngobesing this is a very noteworthy post that I did in fact take the time to read ;=) I normally do even if I have to speed read or scan at times just because I want to give heed to others that I will visit as well. I think these questions are ones to really stop and consider. I have the same questions but as you no answers as of yet. I will ponder on this and maybe even research for some type of answer. I will also take your suggestion regarding the blogs and tags. Thanks so much for sharing Ngobesing.

    Be A Blessing!


  4. This post resonated deep within me. I have the same questions.
    Yes, I want as many readers I can have, But I also want them to take something good out of my blog. I want them to get inspired and be themselves. I want them to be happy while doing it.
    So, I guess that we should try to find the people than needs us. What I do is searching for tags related to my blog and start reading new blogs. Some are in the same area as me, which will give me new insights, while others might need my help (and I give it to them, on comments. I don’t wait for a blogpost!).
    Now I’m reading the rest of the comments. I think I’ll find some treasures! 😀

  5. I feel what you feel Ngobesing , at the onset of my blogging journey I was so obsessed with the stat and will often get discouraged when I find no one visiting, but as time went by, I gained clarity by defining the why’s of my blogging and the who’s. In as much as we all love to have huge traffic, it is also important to prioritize and plan when to respond and do other stuffs that keep us in that communal zone. The truth is, you may not be able to reach everyone at the same time. All the best in your journey of blogging. shalom

  6. Hello
    You are setting a really good question actually and I totally agree with Rose that you need to divide your time. In my opinion, it is more important to have followers that get inspired by your posts and to their comments you should mainly devote your time and efforts. Loyal readers are the essential for me.

    • You will need to explain. The ‘scatter gun approach’ What exactly does that mean? I could guess but why guess when you master it and I know are ready to share that knowledge with us. How did this expression come about. But if time is not in your favor, don’t worry. Many thanks.

      • Haha I tend use a lot of idioms, I apologise! A scattergun fires many pellets at the same time but only hits the target infrequently. What I meant was that I try to do everything at once and feel like I don’t achieve much that is productive or constructive. I didn’t realise blogging would recquire so much time and attention. It is almost a full-time occupation. I am not disciplined enough in managing my time and motion.

        • You sound sweet the way you answer me. I like it and thank you. Don’t stop being sweet. The world needs it. There too many people spreading gloom. We need a new way – people spreading joy.

  7. I think the “kindness of returning” is not what blogging should be about. Of course I am happy if I get a lovely comment by someone who’s blog I visited in return, but mostly you should visit blogs for reading their content, finding inspiration or learning something new, not for “grabbing followers and likes”. I think returning to your visitor’s blogs is part of it all but just do as much as you feel good about it. And concerning your wether you should rather have 10 really interested, true followers than 100 just touching the surface, I think that’s just something personal. If you prefer having those 10 real ones, that’s absolutely fine, too! For me, successful blogging contains becoming clear of your goals, like what you want to achieve and who you want to reach out to! There shouldn’t be a “compulsion” of doing anything!
    I wish you all the best for your blog,

  8. I suggest you divide your time between activities. dedicate one day to uninterrupted writing. 1 day to discover new blogs and commenting. one day only for responding to comments on your own posts. instead of dividing the days in a week, you could also divide the hours and dedicate hours of a day to do one activity . hope this helps. 🙂

  9. I don’t yet have a large number of followers but I take your point. I am a blogging newbie but already finding it hard to keep up. I write a blog on health and nutrition from the point of view of a raw foodie and juicer and I too hope to inspire people to make healthy changes to their lifestyle. Helping one person improve their health is worth more to me than hundreds of ‘followers’.

  10. It really is a challenge to maintain a lot of readers. I am equally in the same boat but I try to visit as many as I can in each given week. I have sent my response to the interview questions through your mail.

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