Take and give

What are you doing
To make your marriage succeed?
Are you waiting for your spouse
To make you happy;
And thinking of nothing to do,
To make your spouse happy?
Marriage is give and take;
When you take also give;
A generous heart to your spouse,
Not a selfish heart
Will make your marriage succeed.

5 thoughts on “Take and give

  1. My first marriage was like that…..and I felt like there was nothing I could do to make him happy. He just wasn’t happy anywhere with anything and he took it out on me. I eventually had to be hospitalized and its there I received my divorce papers. I remarried but this man didn’t really love me either. He liked it that I was getting a check and he didn’t have to work. He liked having someone to take care of him, but he didn’t love me. I felt alone in both marriages. I’m now pursuing a relationship with the One who has always loved me. And its going great!

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