When was the last time?

When was the last time
You took a leap
Of courage?

When was the last time
You ever took a leap
Of faith?

When was the last time
You ever tried
Something challenging?

When was the last time
You ever took
A risk?

When was the last time
You took the bull
By the horns?

Tell me:
When was the last


8 thoughts on “When was the last time?

  1. Beautiful and apt: the last time for me was when I plucked up the courage to comment on the words of an experienced journalist, philosopher and poet from a different culture and was challenged to explain my idiomatic language! This made me think about how lightly I take my writing and how the words I use are not chosen carefully enough, but merely trip off the tongue or the tips of my fingers. I blog in a light-hearted manner, to convey advice and information that is accessible. It is quite a while since I wrote with due care and consideration for the beauty of the words themselves. Once again you have provoked introspection and I have found myself wanting in this area, I need to challenge myself more when I write!

      • I am honoured that you call me ‘friend’ after such a brief acquaintance☺️ I never imagined that writing a health blog would also enable me to make friends and join together with this merry multicultural band of blogging brothers and sisters!
        By the way, how should I address you? I have seen you addressed by both names and want to be sure I get it right.

        • Oh my friend! We are one. Even before knowing ourselves we belong together. It does not take two meetings for someone to become my friend. I love everybody. Choose any of my names. The one you like. Feel free.Best wishes to you.

    • Thank you for this lovely award. I have been to your site already. I was writing a comment when I don’t know what happened; but I only found it had been published when I had not completed it. Nominating me has made my day. As you rightly analyze, people have different ways of managing awards. I have tried many times to keep up the pace with them but always I found it nerve-racking. They are good though, to give encouragement. I really hope that someone would some day find a way to include blogging among the areas for he Nobel Prize. You will find people working very hard to win.

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