The best theme for your blog

Do you know the best theme for your blog?  You need to know the best theme for your blog and select it for your blog. If you don’t know, ask.

A way to grow is to ask questions. When you ask questions, you learn. Asking many questions has enabled me to learn many things on WordPress and to grow my blog.

I have a question concerning my theme. I have found that choosing a theme for a site is not an easy thing. I have changed my theme more than six times. I keep seeing themes that look better than the one I have.  But when I change, very soon I will see another that looks better and I will feel like changing again.

I like to know if anybody likes my current theme or should I change it again? If you recommend a change, tell me which theme you propose and why.

I am being encouraged to upgrade to a premium theme. Who knows the advantages of upgrading to a premium theme?

If you don’t mind it, can you tell me the name of your theme and why you chose it? What makes you like or not like it?

You answers will help me take a final decision on my theme. This sharing, I believe, will also enlighten many people and help them choose the best themes for their blogs.

Thanks for sharing.

18 thoughts on “The best theme for your blog

  1. The only thing I don’t like about it is its dark background, it repulses me. I like the free flowing aspect which I have done with mine. In case a reader decides to go on my site, it’s easy for them to just read freely without too much clicking or pressing different buttons.

  2. Mine is too pink for you, the bouquet. In my humble opinion, I don’t like the twenty sixteen for you as it’s too dark and doesn’t seem like you. You seem more full of life and color. Maybe a theme that has a light or white background would be best. But you don’t have to listen to me or anyone if it’s what you like then do what makes you content. Greetings!

  3. I have changed my theme several times. Right now I use the Libretto theme because I often post photographs, and it is a full-frame theme that shows off photos really well. All of the widgets are on the bottom so readers can see them if they want, but the widgets don’t clutter up the sides. Who knows, I may change my theme again someday. It’s really just a matter of personal preference I think.

  4. I think a narrower header picture would allow your title and content to show better. When I started blogging I had the same problem, finally I realized that I needed to just stick with one theme and learn to customize it.

    My opinion is that a premium theme isn’t worth it unless you have a very good idea of the features you want and need a fair amount of technical support. There are many great themes available for free. The main advantage to a premium theme is that the developer usually provides some amount of hand holding and technical support. For many themes there is both a free and a premium version. Before paying for the premium theme it really makes sense to try the free version out and figure out if it works for you and you need the additional features.

    I use the 2014 theme. It has a lot of ability to customize things and I like the look of posts that are text only, photo only, and a combination.

  5. I don’t particularly like it although better with that weird side colorization gone. I use twenty ten for 2 of them and twenty twelve for one. Twenty ten has 5 places for widgets, the second one has 1, but I am keeping it simple. I also like them because I can change the header and the color whenever I want.

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