Why I call you friend

I call you friend;
And you are surprised;
Why are you surprised?
You don’t have to be surprised.

I Call you friend,
Because I can count on you;
You support me;
And only friends support friends.

I call you friend,
Because I know you won’t stab me
On the back;
I call you friend,
Because you are honest with me.

I call you friend
Because I value you;
You have all the qualities
Of a friend.


13 thoughts on “Why I call you friend

  1. I have decided that I cannot in all conscience keep your blog and your writings to myself any longer and have WordPressed this poem with a recommendation that my readers visit your blog for inspiration, motivation, a smile or even just to be challenged. I look forward to my daily dose of enlightening lyrical medicine and feel others not yet in the know should also have this pleasure. 😊

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