Send your opponent crashing

Many know a weary feeling
That does come from unrequited effort;
When such effort fully deployed,
Runs back home empty-handed;
That is how I sometimes feel
When the best I offer
Flies in flames;
Yet, I let not that feeling
Bondage me;
For he that keeps lying on the ground
After consuming a well boiled hard blow,
Never wears the golden crown.
Jump up then;
And do as I do;
And come with punches fiercer
Than before,
To send your opponent
Crashing off the ring;
Into the bottomless pit of failure,
While the golden crown
Adorns your delicate head.


2 thoughts on “Send your opponent crashing

  1. This is inspiring. Never let even the hardest blow from your opponent or the circumstances of your life knock you permanently down. Stand up even when nobody expects and dish out your own set of blows. Those are the winning blows that adorn your head with the golden crown at the end. I term it Facing The Sky

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