Letter to a bossom friend

Dear loving friend,

Did I hurt you? Why have you stayed away from me without a word? Tell me what I did wrong, so that I may seek forgiveness.

Our friendship was good. We loved each other; and always said and did nice things to each other. I can’t think of anything I ever did to hurt you. Why did you leave me in the cold?

Please, talk to me. Send me word. We cannot throw our friendship to the birds.
Always know you are dear to me.

9 thoughts on “Letter to a bossom friend

  1. Dear Ngobesing, I think you intend to write this to a “bosom” buddy (NOT bossom). English spelling is so challenging! Hopefully your special friend reads this letter 🙂

  2. Mr. Romanus, My Dear Friend, we never know if possibly we accidentally slighted someone if we don’t reach out .
    You never cease to not only empower me, but you also inspire me to go the extra mile, spare nothing in doing absolutely my best!
    I did not come empty handed My Good Friend, and I wish you could see the smile on my face, and I yours as I say:
    Mr. Romanus, I nominated you for The Sunshine Blogger Award, you can see the details here:
    Sincerely from my heart,

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