Book saves a marriage

It’s thrilling, isn’t it; that a book saves a marriage from crash landing? Have you come across such a book? Get ready to hear about one. I have found a whole post on one such book and it found it irresistible.

I have read many posts and left my comments on them especially posts by my new friends. Many of them are amazing; but the one that has caught my attention in a special way today is  A Vast Explosion of Love by Timelesswheels (maybe not the author’s real name) from Round and Round and Round blog .

The author held me spellbound with the thrilling and edifying story of how Dr. Brian Weiss’s  books pulled her marriage out of a wilderness of love into a flourishing garden with an overflowing stream of love and happiness.

As the author puts it, she and her sweet heart had a stressful marriage. Then by what I want to see as divine providence, she stumbled on Dr. Brians books and devoured all five of them. They had a great impact on her; but still, not much changed in her marital condition.

Was it another stroke of providence that sent her on holiday? I am tempted to think so; for she returned to a brand new husband. The same physical Richard, for sure, but with a different heart. We can talk of new wine in old wine-skin. Things changed for ever for them. The man had undergone a transformation; and life became as sweet for them as they had always wished it to be.

If you are wondering what magic wand was used to procure this, no one can better say it than the author of A Vast Explosion of Love. She narrates it so beautifully:

“I went away for six weeks to visit our children and when I returned, Richard was different. He too had read Brian’s books. With delight, we found that we could now talk openly together about anything, and the following months were the happiest that we had ever shared. We were able to say that we loved each other unconditionally for the first time, and we both began the changes that were necessary, but now possible, together.”

What touches my heart here is the impact that the work of an individual can have on another or others. I have always known that we need others to grow; and that we are what we are because of the contribution of many others in our lives. But it still came down powerfully on me to see a couple removed from the darkness of a bottomless pit of bitterness in their marital home into which they were falling to the joyful sunshine of love.

We should never minimize the effort we make to inspire others. Many of us are inspiring one another on the blogosphere. And it’s hard to know how far that inspiration can go. It could affect eternity. We are touched and transformed by the words and ideas of people who may be near or even thousands of miles away from us and whom we may never meet in our life time.

I hold no iota of a doubt in my heart that ‘A Vast explosion of love’ is the kind of story many people need to read especially those who may not be fully aware of the importance the written word as a source of inspiration that can do marvels for humanity in different settings – marriage, work, relationship, Ministry etc.

I see  a full-fledged book emerging some day from this story which has been very beautifully narrated; and such a book would be a major illustration of the beauty of inspiration.

If this strikes a strong chord in me, it is mostly because inspiring people to transform their lives is my life passion; and I have seen it do marvels for many over the years. This story motivates and encourages me more to pursue my chosen path; and who knows? Maybe some day someone would love and reward my work as the work of Dr. Brian has been rewarded here.

I do encourage you if you have not read A Vast Explosion of Love to do so. It’s hard not to be touched by this shared experience; and what’s more you could seek out Dr. Brian’s book and it could do for you what it did for Timelesswheel.







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